Thursday, October 28, 2010

It’s Crazy Out There

We returned from our two-week trip to 80 degree highs in Alabama and to these blooming in the yard.

iris 002

That’s an iris.  Mine normally bloom in March or April.  What in the world is going on out there, and do you suppose they will bloom again when it really is spring?

iris 003 We did get some much needed rain this week, and it is supposed to be colder this weekend.  Will be interesting to see how the iris that are already blooming and these yellow ones that are about to bloom survive.  I’ll let you know.


nanny said...

the seasons are so confusing (or confused) ha

Debbie said...

Amazing, isn't it. I once had gardenias blooming in December. Never did understand that.

Sue said...

Maybe Mother Nature's hormones are out of whack!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Talk about jet lag. I bet you really felt strange coming home to that beautiful Iris, and the yellow one looks like it will be a beauty too! Glad you made it home safely, and it sounds like it was a wonderful trip. laurie

Joyce said...

Welcome Home! Your iris is beautiful and I say enjoy because maybe you'll have snow come May?