Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oh, Deer!!

Copy of Thanksgiving 2003 003 Arkansas has six seasons—spring, summer, fall, winter, football season and deer season.  Several posts on Facebook in the last few days from friends and family reminded me that it’s now deer season back home.

I grew up in a family of deer hunters.  Daddy and a couple of my uncles always spent the week of my birthday at the Camden Hunting Club.  They were joined on the weekend by my brother and several cousins (Daddy wouldn’t let Tommy skip school to go deer hunting).  Daddy was a charter member of the CHC, a collection of cabins and shacks on land leased from International Paper Company.

Thanksgiving 2003 001

Daddy and Uncle Joe on the porch of the Camden Hunting Club mess hall.  Be sure to take note of the wanted poster.

Back in the day, deer season lasted for a week in November, with another week-long hunt in December.  One night during the November hunt was always family night at deer camp.  I loved family night.  The camp cook prepared venison and homemade biscuits, and the wives of all the deer hunters filled in with the rest.  That was some good eatin’.

Today, there’s bow and arrow season and muzzleloader season in addition to modern gun season, which runs for several weeks.  Back in the day, the limit was one buck per hunter, per season.  Today, doe are no longer off limits.

At one point, my mother, her sister, and her sisters-in-law decided it was time to start their own deer camp.  “Deer camp” for these women consisted of a trip to Little Rock for Christmas shopping, a tradition they carried on for many years.

We are heading to Arkansas in a few weeks for Thanksgiving as usual, and it’s a sure bet that a lot of my family will be in the deer woods.  They’ll come in on Thursday night for Thanksgiving dinner, and some of them will venture in on Saturday in time to watch the Hogs play LSU.  Otherwise, they’ll be up before dawn and in their deer stands bright and early waiting for that trophy buck to pass their way.

Copy of Thanksgiving 2003 006

Brent bagged this 8-point buck in 2003.

FAVORITETHINGSBUTTON Since deer season is a big favorite in my family, I’m linking (a little late) to Laurie’s Favorite Things Saturday.  Head on over and join her for some fun reading.


Marydon said...

Poor baby ... oh, I know, but I love these beauties too much.

Have a beautiful week ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

Joyce said...

We almost joined the club today. We were mere inches from striking 2 standing together in the road. It was close!

nanny said...

We have been out today checking the game camera and the corn feeders....ha
A buck ran out in front of us on our land and now my husband is very excited!!! We have been seeing only doe but hearing stories of a big buck headed our way! I do love deer steak!

kate said...

I'm so excited to see you in just a few short weeks. We will be coming with a much heavier car load than ever before...Reese is so ready to meet you all!

Mar Mar said...

I'm glad you like it so much. I hated deer season--still do. I also hated those deer heads hanging on our walls looking back at us.

I have no memories of going to eat at the deer camp. Obviously, I didn't enjoy it like you did.

I was always afraid Daddy or Tommy would be the one shot to death that year.

I'm glad Alan and my boys are not deer hunters. Golf is much appealing to me.

Little Sister

myfullerlife said...

We used to go to Little Rock for Thanksgiving when I was young. We thought it was such a magical place. It would always snow. My aunt and uncle lived in a log cabin in the woods.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

It really is a season in Ark! My guys went this weekend for a "work weekend" at hunting camp. Back next weekend for the real deal! My son bow hunts, but my husband doesn't. I always dread the shotgun and camo decor that seems to be all over our house during a hunting season. HOW BOUT THOSE HOGS! YIPEE! Thanks for linking. laurie

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

We're up here in Wisconsin, part of the land of the deer hunters, and we saw a car go by the other day with a big buck strapped to it's hood.

Fisherhubby had never seen such before - - - he LOVED it.

susan said...

We have those same seasons :)Before we married my husband spent every Tgiving at the deer camp--now he leaves after dessert :) All weddings and births are planned around those seasons! Yes- We went to Brinkley. That is where we bought my daughter's dress too---such a good experience both times and I love just looking at the old hotel!

Lady Jane said...

Your deer story reminded me of my childhood. My dad was a butcher and every year he would butcher deer and take some venison for his pay. We would have venison all winter long. I hope my son bags his this year, I havent had venison in a long while.My mouth is watering already. mini hugs, L J

xinex said...

I would join the shopping part but not the deer hunt. Many people here are all deer hunters too. Thanks for stopping by, Kathy...Christine

Susie Walker said...

Hey, Kathy and Happy Birthday..that can only mean "it's Deer Season."...
Your brother was outta here by 8 am, packed and ready to go to the woods of Camden. Yes, there was a spring in his step..with me following him out to the black hunting jeep, repeating"They just said on the news that you are more likely to have a heart attack from the adrenalin rush and excitement of killing the deer than being shot." All I got was "I have a good heart." and zoom.:>)
Susie, sis in law

Joyce said...

I'm not sure what you mean by the red x...are you seeing a red x where the hodgepodge button should be? Or perhaps I'm missing something obvious...always a possiblity!

A few people said they didn't see the button...I have seen it on all the blogs I visited and also on my daughters and my moms...its possible there is a glitch but I will have to pray my daughter can sort it out : )

Hope you join the fun tomorrow!

Joyce said...

Hi again-if its not working just put a regular link to my blog so people can get to the McLinky from your blog. I'll have my daughter try to sort out the kink this week.