Saturday, October 16, 2010

Corfu, Greece—A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

IMG_6986 Up before dawn to enjoy breakfast prior to our morning excursion, we held our breaths as the sun began to rise.  With a little luck it appeared to have the makings of a good day.  And indeed it was.

After boarding our bus at the port of Corfu, Greece, we headed to the western side of the island to Paleokastritsa.  A winding one-lane road took us to the Paleokastritsa Monestary.


The interior of the monestary was heavily adorned in the icons of the Greek Orthodox tradition.


Outside we found gorgeous views of the coastline of the Ionian Sea.


On the way back to Corfu Town, we detoured to Kanoni for a bird’s eye view of the Mouse Island and the airport.


Back in town, our guide gave us a brief walking tour of Corfu Town.  Then the four of us settled in for our daily dose of cappuccino.  We’ve decided that a cappuccino machine would make a great Christmas present, but LBeau says he’s going to start with a mocha pot.

With such beautiful weather, Susie and I even broke out the capri pants, and we found time to enjoy reading and sunning by the pool.  Meanwhile, I’m already getting nervous about the Razorback game at Auburn, which won’t kick off until 10:30 p.m. for us.  I don’t see how we can possibly stop Cam Newton.  If I wake up in the middle of the night, I may be calling one of you to get the score.


Baumbastic said...

It is so much fun to follow you on your vacation. Thanks so much for sharing. And if you want me to text you score updates from the game, let me know. [grin]

Susie Walker said... me or I can email you the score..Tommy is still in Nic, so he will be calling also..I am getting worried also. A bad omen was when undefeated Conway lost to Bryant in a double overtime last night..I am keeping the faith though..I loved the pic of the HUGE cappucino and its design.your pics are fabulous..I will send to Ann who got back from Greece in August. I can't believe Mike Terry is on the trip with you! Very small world. Take care,,Susie

Anonymous said...

Kathy~~Beautiful pictures!! Glad you all are having a rain free day.
i am watching the HOGS, but Chas can't take it live (recording it)and decided to work in the yard!! GO HOGS!!!!!!! dianna

nanny said...

The game is a nail biter.......
Halftime.....27 - 21.....Mallett injured....Hope he comes back for second half but Wilson isn't doing bad by any means, he threw a great td! (we're behind)
Your pictures are breathtaking....did you happen to have a k-bob while you were in Greece? They are to die for!
Go Hogs!!!!!!!!

Joyce said...

I never got to Corfu but have heard it is beautiful. Glad the sun shone for you...I won't mention the game. The Vols were off yesterday so we could breathe easy : )