Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What Child Is This?

Last week I emailed my youngest son Ben this picture of himself and commented on how much I thought it looked his daughter Lucy.


As the third child, Ben has always insisted that I never made any pictures of him,  and earlier today he sought confirmation from his two older brothers.  Here's the email "conversation" that took place.  I've cleaned up their spelling and grammar.  Can't help it; it's the English teacher coming out.

Ben:  What do you think guys... is this me or Brent? I think it's Pun (that's Brent). Mom claims it's me, but I can tell that she is not certain.

Brent:  Looks like you to me. I might even see a widow's peak.

Me:  See those dimples?  Brent did not have dimples.

Hunter:  That's Benj. Widow's peak and elfin ears give it away.

Me (just to prove my point):  Here's Brent at about the same age.


Hunter:   That's as chubby as Brent's ever been.

Ben:  Admitting this is me would be admitting that Mom actually took pictures of her third child...

Hunter:  I think you can credit Olan Mills for that one. It's not a snapshot like Mom would have taken.  It's a portrait with a faux background.

Ben:  Good point H. It was probably a photo session set up for you, and they used me for the test shot.

So you be the judge.  I'm sure you'll agree with me that those are photos of two different children.

And for the record, here's Lucy.  She looks an awful lot like her daddy Ben, widow's peak, elfin ears and all.

lucy 005

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Hint of Color

I just finished a beginning Photoshop class earlier this week, so in honor of Mothers Day, I thought I'd try "hand tinting" my mother's engagement picture.

Here's the original scanned photo.

Engagement picture

And here's the "hand tinted" version.

Engagement picture 3

I do need to practice some more, but I think I'm going to like using this technique.  Happy Mothers Day, Mother.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Hearing the news of the demise of Osama bin Laden, I was reminded of this picture that I took in 2003.

Thanksgiving 2003 001

That’s my daddy and my Uncle Joe sitting on the porch of the mess hall at the Camden Hunting Club.  Until recent events, I hadn’t thought much about the “Wanted” poster that appears in the background.

Looks like we finally got our man.