Monday, October 18, 2010

Zakynthos—A Not So Panoramic Tour

Today’s excursion was entitled “A Panoramic Tour of Zakynthos,” but clouds, fog and rain made the views somewhat less than spectacular.  That didn’t keep us from journeying across the island, however, where we toured a Greek Orthodox monastery.


IMG_7100 Today’s cappuccino break was accompanied by walnut cake.  This specialty of the cafe, recommended by our guide, was a dark cake filled with ground walnuts and drenched in local honey.  Susie and Wayne opted for the whipped cream topping.

IMG_7112 Back in Zakynthos town, we decided to have lunch at a local restaurant rather than on the ship.  Thanks to the reader who recommended that I try kebabs.  LBeau and I both ordered them, and they were delicious, and the tzatziki sauce for dipping was yummy.  And thanks to Taziki’s, I actually knew what the tzatsiki sauce was.

Back on the ship, we won this afternoon’s trivia contest.  The question for today is “What did Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands adopt in 1977?”  I’ll post the answer to this question tomorrow, and the answers to yesterday’s questions are at the bottom of this post.  Feel free to post your answer to today’s question in the comments.

IMG_7123 After trivia, we headed to the bar for high tea.  The Good Susie swore that she was only getting tea, but as you can see, the Bad Susie couldn’t resist this cream filled pastry.  By the time I snapped this picture, she had already finished the cream cheese sandwich.

Now for the answers to yesterday’s trivia questions.

1.  What country has the lowest birth rate?  The Vatican

2.  What one word is in the middle of Strawberry Fields in Central Park?  Imagine

3.  Who was the first American president born in a hospital?  Jimmy Carter

4.  In mock apple pie, what ingredient is substituted for apples?  Ritz crackers

5.  In internet shorthand, what to the letters AFK stand for?  Away From Keyboard


nanny said...

My taste buds are longing for a kebab!!!! and lots of tzatziki...yum!!! Only in Greece!

Malvie said...

I've been out of pocket and have just now caught up with y'all.

Other than knowing that Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg form the Benelux Union (complete with Parliament and Supreme Court), and the fact that I was actually THERE in 1974, I have no idea what they did in 1977.