Saturday, March 7, 2009

On a Mission

I'm on a mission to find my missing diamond. It's not a particularly valuable diamond, but it has sentimental value. I found it at the Crater of Diamonds in Murfreesboro, Arkansas, on a Girl Scout outing in eighth grade.

A few days ago I completed a quiz on Facebook entitled "How Arkansas Are You?" The first question was "Have you ever hunted for diamonds or crystals?" I was quick to check that one off.

Helen Berg took our Scout troop to the Crater of Diamonds in 1958 or 1959. Although most of us turned up lots of pieces of quartz, I was the only one who found an honest to goodness diamond. I never had it cut because it had a piece of carbon in it, but I did have it made into a necklace. The last time I remember seeing it, it was tangled up with a lot of other old jewelry in a drawer somewhere.

I started my diamond hunt after I sent the "Arkansas" quiz to my high school classmates. Virginia responded that she would like to see a picture of my diamond if I still had it. So the search began.

I've gone through lots of jewelry boxes and drawers that looked a lot like this one, filled with tangled costume jewelry and old buttons. In one drawer I uncovered a $50 U.S. Savings Bond that Hunter won in 1986 for second place in an essay contest. It's now worth more than $80.

I found these photographs of Brent and LBeau taken at about the same age. We've always said that Brent was a chip off the old block.

Mostly I've stirred up lots of dust and a few memories, but so far no diamond. So the search continues.


Connie said...

Nice meeting you, my sweet chick!! I'm not sure what they call them but I THINK they still call them bobby pins. Not very many people use them now.

I'm off to church now but I want to tell you a story about a lost diamond ring later. I'll make a note of it or sure as shootin' I'll forget it!! I'm gettin' old, ya know, though nobody believes me!!!!!!


bj said...

Oh, Katy...this is an amazing mom took my daughter to the same Arkansas diamond field and they didn't find anything. Mom stopped at the little gift shop there and let daughter buy me a ring with a tiny tiny, I mean, TINY diamond in it because daughter wanted to bring me A DIAMOND !! I have torn my house up looking for that little precious ring. I can not find it anywhere and I am not bad at all to lose things.So, maybe there's a LOST DIAMOND CYBERSPACE somewhere and both our diamonds are THERE!!??!!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Kathy, there is nothing more frustrating than looking for a lost object. The pix of your "guys" do look so much alike. Good luck with the hunt. laurie

susan said...

I HATE to lose something..makes me crazy looking. At least you are having a good stroll down memory lane and cleaning out things. Good Luck!