Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another Observation from the Slow Lane

Okay, so who thinks up these questions anyway? Or maybe I should ask, "Who thinks up the answers?"

I got an email earlier today from inviting me to take an online survey.

Questions #8 read:

Do you have a broadband, that is a DSL or cable connection to the web/internet?

Here are the choices:

Yes, only at home
Yes, only at work
Yes, at home and at work
I don't use the web/internet
Don't know

I'm sure it must have been a man. I don't dare think it could have been Sarah Palin, do I?


marty39 said...

Some of the survey's they want us to take just insult our intelligence. I also wonder who in the world wants to know and why! Hugs, Marty

momma said...

the sad part is that someone probably would choose that answer!!

susan said...

Your "observations" have made me chuckle and remember an old routine by comedian George Carlin--a funny, funny man!

Linda said...

I noticed in a comment to Sue's blog on Paris that you are going next week. Have a fabulous time! I know you will love it! Be sure to eat "une réligieuse" café flavor, in a patisserie. You will love a cream puff with coffee filling - not too strong and not too sweet. Mmmmmmmm Linda

nanny said...

Paris????Well I want to know all about the trip! Wish I were going with you!