Monday, March 30, 2009

The Captain and Tennille

You meet the most interesting people traveling with a group. In my mind, I called them "The Captain and Tennille." He always wore a sporty red captain's hat, and her name is Toni.

Always dressed to the nines, the first day she wheeled him all over Paris wearing spiked heels. After that she changed to more sensible shoes, but they were still stylish.

At first I thought they were father and daughter. The age difference was about right. I later learned that he's Phil Maloof, whose family owns the Sacramento Kings and the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. Toni is his nurse and accompanies him on trips anywhere he wants to go.

We learned all about his collection of cars and theatre pipe organs and his house in Las Vegas.

Watch this YouTube video, and you'll see him just the way he was on our trip. Somehow I don't think these guys believed that Toni is his nurse, but she really is. She took care of him after his heart attack, and she's been with him since.


marty39 said...

What an interesting man. It is fun to learn about other people. Sounds like a great trip. Hugs, Marty

susan said...

That's a perfect name for them. Nurse?...hmmm...friends with benefits????

Candy said...

What a Hoot! He talks a mile a minute. One would sure have an interesting evening with the Captain.

So Miss #1 Congratulations! Just do a similar post (see The Rustic Victorian for another example) and PAY IT FORWARD to the first three.

This is going to be fun, Candy

Bo said...

Hi Kathy...You made the perfect assessment of this couple...LOL
He seems like quite the character & she seems like .... hmmm, not too sure about her! ;-) Bo

Keetha said...

Oh the heels would just plain KILL me.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

How interesting and entertaining to have the two of them on the trip with you. laurie