Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Joker Is Wild

Last Friday night, LBeau and I got to hang out with the younger crowd when Mike, Sarah Beth, Allen and Areta came over for dinner and games.

Mike brought his Joker board, and we taught LBeau how to play. I learned how at Christmas when Ben and Claire brought their board. LBeau spent his Christmas vacation reading and sleeping in the chair and didn't participate in game playing and puzzle working. However, Mike and Sarah Beth joined us for Joker one night after Christmas, and Mike decided to make his own board.

Although it's still a work in progress, I'm impressed with what he's done so far. He told me he had to do a Google search to figure out how to make a perfect hexagon. I guess he's forgotten all of the geometry he learned at Briarwood. It must have taken a lot of patience to drill all of those holes.

Joker is a little like Parcheesi or Sorry but more complex. You play with a partner, and the object is for you and your partner to be the first to move each of your marbles from your base to your home. You use a deck of playing cards to determine the number of spaces to move, and you can send an opponent home by landing on his or her marble. There are other rules, but those are the basics.

Mike and Sarah Beth, being the pros that they are, won both games, but LBeau caught on pretty quickly, and the young people didn't seem to mind hanging out with us old folks.

Allen, Sarah Beth and LBeau

Areta and Mike


Hunter said...

Like a true urbanite who doesn't own a weedeater, can't change his own oil, and would have no room in his condo for a band saw, I paid someone else to do it...bought one off eBay. It has the extra advantage of being able to break down and being expandable for 4, 6, or 8 players.


Areta said...

Thanks for having us over for dinner and joker! It was a great Friday night! I think Hunter might be challenging Mike to make an 8 player joker board!