Monday, December 8, 2008

Hung by the Chimney With Care

For our first Christmas I decided to make stockings for me and LBeau instead of purchasing them. After a trip to the fabric store, I came home with red and white gingham in two different sizes of checks and some Christmas trim.

I used the larger check for the main body of the stockings and attached the smaller check at the top. Using green yarn, batting and lining, I quilted the stockings and cross stitched our names with matching green floss. We've been hanging these same stockings since 1971, so they're almost antiques by now.

When Hunter was born, I was really into my cross stitching phase and found a cute pattern that was cross stitched onto red and white gingham. It seemed to fit the "red and white check" theme that I had going, so I made his stocking and did the same for Brent after he was born six years later.

By the time Ben came along, the store was out of the red and white cross stitch fabric. However, I had a small remnant left over from the other stockings, so I used white for the body of his stocking and the gingham for the cuff.

Katie was the next addition to our family, followed by Walker and now Claire. I searched the internet for gingham cross stitch fabric, but no luck. I still managed to carry out the gingham theme with stockings from Pottery Barn.

A friend told me the other day that she didn't think I had room to hang any more stockings, but I'm confident I can always manage to squeeze in more.

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Malvie said...

Mother made us all "stockings". Since we lived in Texas, they were BOOTS made out of felt, with cowboys, horseshoes, lariats, etc. I hope my sister has them somewhere, because if not, they were in the bunch of stuff we gave to goodwill when we left Malvern.

Oh, well, memories.

I really do enjoy your blog.