Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Getting Aggressive

The squirrel reappeared at 3:15 this morning. He clawed for four hours in the wall between the room where LBeau and I were sleeping and the office, where Hunter was on the inflatable mattress. I ended up finishing the night on the sofa in the den. About 6 a.m. Hunter went to the sofa in the living room. Larry toughed it out. The squirrel left the attic about 7:30.

We are going to make an aggressive attack today. He is using Petunia to jump from the deck to the brick. Then up to the light fixture and onto the roof. We will put a glue trap in Petunia and one on the deck handrail and another in the attic.

Two years ago on Christmas we trapped our first attic squirrel. I'm hoping for similar success this year.

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Mar Mar said...

Kinda like having a new baby!