Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Only Good Squirrel...

...is a dead squirrel!!

We have squirrels in the attic again. This battle with those fluffy-tailed rodents has been going on for about two years now. Each winter we, with the help of Critter Control, manage to get rid of them and close up the hole where we think they are getting in. The next winter when the weather turns cold, they're back.

Not the same ones, because whenever we've managed to catch one, we make sure he won't come back. I have no qualms about dead squirrels. Relocating them to a new zip code isn't good enough.

This time he's getting into the wall cavity between one of our second floor bedrooms and our office. If we don't get rid of him before Christmas, whoever sleeps in that room won't have a very pleasant night.

Guess I'll be calling Critter Control tomorrow.


Malvie said...

I suffer from squirrels in Houston as well. I agree with your "only good squirrel is a dead squirrel" and will add "snakes" to that category as well.

Mar Mar said...
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Mar Mar said...

Just don't start shooting them with a bb gun. Mema thinks this will get rid of all of them. I'm convinced one dead squirrel brings two more!

BTW, is there a way to edit a comment after it's posted so it doesn't show, "post has been removed by the author"? It sounds like something lewd was on there before! I just wanted to delete a letter!

KBeau said...

I haven't found a way to edit a comment. I made a typo in a comment I made on Mandy's blog last night. Rather than delete it, I just left the mistake. If anyone knows how to edit a comment, please post.