Monday, December 1, 2008

Cinnamon Toast

For as long as I can remember Mema has kept an old margerine tub full of cinnamon and sugar on her kitchen counter. She uses it to make cinnamon toast for her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Everyone agrees that Mema makes the best cinnamon toast ever. The rest of us try, but we can't seem to get the right combination of cinnamon and sugar. She uses white bread, either Sunbeam or Wonder Bread, smears it with margerine, sprinkles the cinnamon-sugar mixture over the whole thing and toasts it.

Once it's done, she cuts it into "triangle squares" and serves it to a hungry child or sometimes adult, now that the grandchildren are grown. Since her toaster will only do two slices at at time, she can spend quite a while making cinnamon toast. I think little Ben holds the record at eight or nine pieces in one sitting.

This Thanksgiving A.G. enjoyed her first bite of cinnamon because J.B. couldn't stand the thought of her going a whole year without any.

A. G. gets her first taste of Mema's cinnamon toast.

Molly enjoys cinnamon toast with the rest of her breakfast.


Baumbastic said...

Really good cinnamon toast is indeed a treat! You just brought back lots of delicious memories. Thanks. 8-)

Abbie said...

Oh my goodness--look at little AG. I cannot wait to meet that girl. I feel like she is going to be running around, reciting her ABCs and counting to 10 before I get to hold her!
I'm so glad she got some toast, too.
She must have a sweet momma to give her a head start on the cinnamon toast experience. :-)

Malvie said...

Mema must've known my Grannie. Grannie made the world's greatest cinnamon toast. Like all of y'all, we have tried over the years, but we can't get the mixture of cinnamon and sugar right. I always burn it anyway; I usually made pop-up toast (back when I was actually allowed to eat toast...).


Mar Mar said...

I can assure you Scott Duncan has beat little Ben's record. I think he once had 15 slices (that's 60 pieces) of Mema's cinnamon toast!