Saturday, January 3, 2009

Paula to the Rescue

Garlic cheese grits have been part of my Christmas brunch menu for years. They rank just under the "pineapple stuff" as my boys' favorite brunch food.

I have always used a recipe that calls for one roll of Kraft Garlic Cheese. I started looking for the garlic cheese roll about a week before Christmas. No luck at Wal-Mart, but I felt confident that I would find it at Publix. I was wrong. Same thing at Bruno's where an employee in that department said that I was the third person to ask that morning. He told me they had not received any Kraft Garlic Cheese this year.

Meanwhile, Claire offered to make the cheese grits, so we went online looking for recipes. It was then we discovered that inexplicably Kraft decided to discontinue making their Garlic Cheese roll. Boo Kraft!

Since Claire's favorite recipe website is Cook's Illustrated, we started there. Cook's Illustrated is based in Vermont, but being a Yankee website, it didn't offer one single recipe for grits of any kind.

At that point, we decided to turn to a true Southern cook, Paula Deen. Paula's recipe for Baked Garlic Cheese Grits was delicious and a big hit with the family. Problem solved, and Kraft can keep their silly ole Garlic Cheese Roll.


Sarah Frost said...

I think we would be best friends if we lived in the same town!! Garlic cheese grits is always on our Christmas brunch menu too! I went to Kroger to get my long list of groceries before the onslaught of Christmas company came. Lo and behold the guy who was stocking the cheese display told me that Kraft no longer makes the roll of garlic cheese! I almost screamed!! Then he and I proceeded to figure out how to take Velveeta and garlic powder and just make our own garlic cheese!!! Glad to know that good ole Paula lived up to her southern self!!!

the osbornes said...

Those sound delicious!! I love Paula Deen. If I had no regard for my figure or my arteries, I could eat her recipes every meal of the day!

darnold23 said...

I think that I have two rolls in my fridge at home! Maybe.I should offer them up on eBay (or at least check the expiration dates). I suppose we could start a movement to make garlic cheese grits the national dish then Kraft would be forced to reconsider:)

Anne said...

I too was dismayed to find out Kraft has discontinued the garlic cheese roll. Great minds think alike because I quickly pulled down Paula Deen's baked cheese grits recipe from the internet and have made them twice, once for Christmas day brunch. It's a nice substitute for the traditional standby.