Monday, January 26, 2009

The Facebook Phenomenon

I am now on Facebook. My children are probably horrified, although Hunter says that it was made for me.

Anyway, I have actually had a Facebook account for a couple of years but never did anything with it. After our last reunion one of my high school classmates set up a group for us, but it never really got going. So until a couple of weeks ago that was the extent of my Facebook experience except for the times one of my children would share a password so that I could look at some pictures.

Then a week or so ago I got an email from a Kappa sister that I was in the house with. She wanted to network with some of the rest of us, so I began poking around in Facebook again and actually found quite a few people my age. I even started getting "friend" requests and requesting some of my own. I now have 50 friends. Wow!

One of my first friend requests was from someone in Denver whose name I didn't recognize. I asked around, but he didn't seem to be friends with anyone else I knew, so I "ignored" his request.

A couple of days later my friend Susie asked what to do about a "friend" request from someone you didn't know. I told her what I had done, and it turns out her request was from the same person. Now that wouldn't seem so odd since Facebook is all about networking and Susie and I are friends. However, at the time he sent his request, we weren't Facebook "friends."

The whole concept of social networking via the internet seems to be here for the long run. What started as a network for college students (I think you even had to have a college email address to join when it first started) now has millions of members worldwide. And I'm right there. So if you want to be my "friend," just ask.


The Walkie Talkie said...

I too had a Facebook account for a while and didn't do much with it. Now it's such a lifeline. Such an easy way to stay connected when everyone is so far away! I agree with Hunter- I think Facebook is made for you! Look forward to more activity from KBeau!

Mar Mar said...

Well you can pass on to all my family members that I have deactivated my facebook account. The only reason I ever set one up was it was the only way to see just what Facebook is. I don't like it. It makes me feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone, and I know my kids just as soon hope I stay off of it, so I'm making them happy and doing just that!

Malvie said...

Isn't it funny, all of our different reactions---I love Facebook, my friend Robert feels the same as Mar Mar, very uncomfortable with it.

Areta said...

KBeau I am on facebook too and you should add me as a friend. You would be my 836th friend and I know you will enjoy looking through my 73 photo albums!