Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wedding Wrap Up

The pace picked up in The Slow Lane last weekend with Ben's and Claire's wedding in Little Rock. LBeau and I arrived on Wednesday night to begin making preparations for the rehearsal dinner, the main contribution of the groom's family.

The Friday night event at Cotham's came off mostly without a hitch. However, I made one minor boo-boo when I closed the laptop, causing LBeau's PowerPoint presentation to go black. Oops! All 135 of us got our fix of fried food with catfish, chicken fingers, French fries, hush puppies and some kind of fried corn balls that were absolutely yummy.

A reception at the Clinton Library followed the Saturday evening wedding. The band from Memphis was amazing as was the view of the city from the ballroom. Katie sang with the band, performing James Taylor's "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved by You." But I must say it was the first wedding reception I've attended where I had to go through a security check to get in.

It was wonderful having so many friends from Birmingham drive all the way to Little Rock to be there, and we loved seeing Becky and Cliff, our former neighbors from Texarkana.

Congratulations Ben and Claire and have a wonderful life.


the osbornes said...

Seriously, I don't know exactly what those fried balls of corn deliciousness were but I could eat a bucket of them.
GREAT weekend!

Sarah Beth said...

I think everything turned out beautiful during the wedding weekend. Ben and Claire looked so happy together. Also those "fried corn balls" are also known as corn nuggets and can be purchased at some local restaurants. They have them here in Birmingham at Richards (it is a daily special, just not sure which day they have them). :)

Abbie said...

congratulations to the happy couple!!