Thursday, November 27, 2008

Some Things Never Change

As predicted, we are toasty. Mema has the thermostat set on 75, day and night. Considering that we keep our heat at home on 68 during the day and 65 after bedtime, LBeau and I are roasting. Mema is wearing long underwear!

To make matters worse, LBeau forgot to bring his shorts. Like a real trooper, he is not complaining.

In other predictable matters, Aunt Mary asked me to help decorate the tables for tonight. The plan was for her to pick me up at 10:30 this morning. It's now 12:15, and I haven't seen her yet. I just hope we get back in time for me to watch the Cowboy game.

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Malvie said...

Here at "Grandpapa's", the thermo is also on "Roast". Fortunately, I have my own room here, equipped with a ceiling fan, a rotary oscillating fan, and a window which opens.

It was 80 degrees here in San Antonio today.

Tell LBeau there is this great store called (in Ar-kin-saw-ese) "Wall-Marks", and they carry (cheap) shorts even now.

If you missed it, the Cowboys stomped 'em, it was great. Barber got his foot stomped on and DeMarcus Ware has a knee sprain (yikes), but otherwise a good day.

Tomorrow: GO HOGS!