Monday, November 3, 2008

Stuck in the Slow Lane

I'm married to an engineer, so that's why I sometimes get stuck in the slow lane. This week is a classic example. We are at the American Concrete Institute Fall Convention in St. Louis. Imagine spending four or five quality days with a bunch of mostly men who find pleasure in attending sessions with such titles as "Evaluation of Existing Structures by Means of In-Situ-Load Testing and Structural Monitoring." That's where LBeau is as I type.

Yesterday we took a tour of the Holcim Cement Plant that's under construction in Ste. Genevieve County south of St. Louis. It's important to keep in mind that cement and concrete are not the same thing. Cement is made from limestone and is an ingredient of concrete.

Last night I passed on the opening session, but we did go to the Reception, which featured a cash bar (they ran out of red wine) and light refreshments. In going to these conventions for the past several years, I have learned that "light refreshments" typically means chips and salsa, veggies and ranch dip, and cheese of various kinds with crackers.

Tomorrow night is the big social event, aptly named the Concrete Mixer. The food shoud be better.

Meanwhile, the highlight of my evening was when Ross from Naples, Florida, told me I had luscious lips. Thankfully he didn't try to kiss me.


Margie said...

Does Ross need glasses?

mmcglohn said...

Those Alabama Girls know how to flirt!