Sunday, November 23, 2008

High Profile

Ben's and Claire's wedding write up made the High Profile section of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's Little Rock edition today. Not only did it include photos of the bride and groom, but also pictures of LBeau and me, Brent and Katie and Mema Martha as well as Claire's parents and lots of her family and Ben's friends Mike and Sarah Beth from Birmingham.

My first hint that the wedding might be featured was when the wedding coordinator approached us as we arrived for the reception and told us that the Democrat-Gazette photographer wanted to take our picture. I remembered to set down my purse and shawl and to remind LBeau to take off his overcoat, but I forgot one thing.

An hour or so later when I realized my reading glasses were sitting on top of my head, someone said, "Maybe they'll look like a tiara."

So what do you think? Tiara or reading glasses? At least I remembered to put them in LBeau's coat pocket before I walked down the aisle.


Baumbastic said...

What reading glasses? Oh I see, if I look really hard, I can see them. I probably would not have noticed had you not mentioned them. [grin]

Baumbastic said...

Oh, and it's too bad that the Demozette requires a subscription to see such articles. 8-(

the osbornes said...

I perused the article and pictures quite closely this morning and did not even notice the glasses. I just remember thinking it was a great pic of you two!

Malvie said...

Shows how observant I am, I didn't even see them at all. I just thought it was a good picture.

Abbie said...

I didn't notice the glasses at ALL.

What wonderful photos! I'm sure everyone in my family and my hubby's family saw the page in high profile. The Sunday paper is part of everyone's weekend ritual!

Happy Thanksgiving. :-)