Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Passing the Box

250446519406_0_ALB We had a quick turn around on the Emergency Box this week (for an explanation of the Box, go HERE).  With Glenda's daughter Anna getting married last Saturday and Wanda's son Braxton getting married this Saturday, it was time for Glenda to inscribe Wanda's name in the Box lid and pass it on.

We gathered at Pablo's Mexican Restaurant on Monday night for the ceremony, preceded by dinner and drinks.  As the mother of the groom and the honoree for the evening, Wanda was privileged to wear the lavender crown that Susie brought. 

760446519406_0_ALBAfter opening gifts of lotions, creams, scented candles and a gift certificate for a pedicure, Wanda got to examine the contents of the Emergency Box.  As you can see, she was pleased to find that the two bottles of vodka were still there, although some of us are suspicious that the vodka was long ago replaced with plain water.

870556519406_0_ALBThanks to Luna, the box now contains two plastic glasses so Wanda won't have to chug the vodka straight from the bottle.  Luna also added a pair of surgical gloves in case the mother of the bride (or anyone else in the wedding party) becomes too hard to handle.  That way she doesn't leave any fingerprint evidence.  I think we've all been watching too much CSI.

390556519406_0_ALB At the end of the evening, we persuaded another customer to take a group picture.  He was probably secretly glad that that noisy table for 12 was finally getting out of there. 

Saturday we'll be moving the party to Auburn, where we'll all be wishing Braxton and Catie a long and happy marriage.


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Hope the wedding is as fun as the pre-wedding festivities! It sounds like your group knows how to have a good time! Paaarteeee!

Sandi (Meme) said...

What a great idea! You are lucky to have such great friends! Have a good weekend!

Laura H. Nichols said...

Fun times! I like your group of friends and the great times you have!

xinex said...

You have asuch a fun group, how wonderful to belong! Wanda looks so young, I thought she was the bride at first....Christine

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Good times, good friends! wHAT A FUN POST!