Monday, August 31, 2009

Stay True to Your School

ArkansasScorecopy College football kicks off this week, and with that in mind Alabama Bloggers is hosting a football carnival.  You can score points for your team by posting your team's button on your sidebar.  And you can score another point by making a post this week about college football, displaying your team's button in your post, and linking it back to Alabama Bloggers HERE.

When the idea for this link up was originally posted, it was to be an Alabama vs. Auburn thing (isn't that what it's always about around here?).  Oops!  Not all of us follow the Tide or Tigers, so the carnival has now been opened up to the rest of the college football world.

I saw nothing in the rules that says you have to live in Alabama to play, so I am challenging all Razorback bloggers to join me in participating.  We may not win, but we can certainly make some noise.  You can grab the Razorback logo here or get it from the Alabama Bloggers website.  And don't forget to put it on your sidebar for an extra point.  Then be sure to link your post back to THIS POST at Alabama Bloggers.

Once a Razorback, Always a Razorback

When I moved to Birmingham 20 years ago, I discovered that I was expected to choose sides.  Without fail whenever I met someone new, the next question after "What's your name?" would be "Are you an Alabama or an Auburn fan?"

I would always smile politely and respond, "None of the above."

2The Boys 1 In 20 years, I've never wavered.  In fact, although all three of my sons graduated from high school here, I am proud to say that all three have degrees from the University of Arkansas.

During my 20 years here, most people have finally learned that I follow the Hogs with a passion.  After all, they've had to listen to the "Arkansas Fight Song" as my cell phone ring tone, they've certainly seen the Razorback license plate and the red Razorback trailer hitch cover on my red Ford F-150, and some have even visited our Razorback tailgate parties.

Auburn 007

Since living in Birmingham, I've become actively involved with the Alabama Chapter of the  Arkansas Alumni Association, and I even served for six years on the Arkansas Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Auburn 004 Each year, we host a tailgate party at either Auburn or Alabama.  We cook hamburgers and hot dogs with all the fixings and welcome anyone who wants to join us.  All we ask is for a donation to our chapter scholarship fund which helps send a student from Alabama to the University of Arkansas.

So if you're going to be in Tuscaloosa this year on September 26, come on by.   We'll be near the corner of University Boulevard and Second Avenue Calling the Hogs!!

Auburn 015


jennifer said...

I am one of those folks that would ask you if you were an Alabama or Auburn fan. I have to say, we are just RAISED that way. I remember there being competition between the Tide and Auburn way back in the early years of elementary school for me and I know it is that way for my kiddos now. So please don't be offended by those of us wearing the Alabama or Auburn blinders. And if you are, blame our parents :)

Congratulations on your three sons graduating from your school of choice. THAT is huge.

I will say "Go Razorbacks" with you... just not on gameday. I hope y'all have a great football season.

(I'm a Bama girl)

arkie said...

WhoooooPigSoooooooe! So glad to know Razorback fans do this! Congratulations on three UA grads!

Rachel said...

Great post! I love that you've never waivered on your commitment! I'll definitely have to come by and say hi on the 26th!

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the idea to open it up to all of the teams!!!

tale of many cities said...

woo pig!

Dixie said...

Here ya go sweet lady... the link to Sally's Book Review blog...

I added it to the post (I was on my little think pad at work when I wrote the post during a break...and I hate using that think pad... it's the pits!)

I also have it on my sidebar if you loose it... thanks for stopping by and leaving your "always welcome" comments.
hugs. Dixie

nanny said...

You are such a great Hog Fan!!!! WoooooooooPig Soooooeeeeeee!!!!!

Robin said...

I got three words for ya....




Robin :o)

(Thanks for the compliment on my bedroom wall.)

SmilingSally said...

I came from Dixie's post today. You asked for my book blog link, so here it is:

Candy said...

Wish I could say put a dog on the grill for me!
Have a fun time ;-0

susan said...

At Ole Miss we say " We may lose a game, but we ain't ever lost a party or a tailgate"! Cute idea--I love your button!

Blue Creek Home said...

We will be rooting for the Hogs when you play Bama!!!

{{{{{{{{{{{{WAR EAGLE}}}}}}}}}}}}

laurie @ bargain hunting said...


Domestic Designer said...

Oh I love college football. Can't wait. Sounds like you are a true fan! Oh I forgot to mention....GO DAWGS!!!!! LOL

susan said...

Susan's is

Laurie's is

Hope this helps. I don't know why the email came back to you. Did you use the one in my profile? Good luck--it's addictive!

susan said...

ps--thanks for the heads up--the direct link to my email was misspelled...imagine that :)

Joycee said...

I bet if I listen close I can hear you calling the Razorbacks from my porch on game days....
joy c. at grannymountain

darnold23 said...

Would love to be there, but I doubt we make it this year. Sorry I didn't know about the blog event or you would have had my support of course.