Sunday, August 2, 2009


writeroval-1-1 For this week’s edition of Sunday Favorites, I offer another of my earlier posts.  This LBeau post was written in November, 2008.  It got no comments at the time.  I had no followers except for a few family members, but I’m sure some of you will have something to say.  When you’re finished, be sure to visit Chari at Happy to Design for more Sunday Favorites.

A Sunday Favorite

LBeau doesn't do well with change, so I was surprised yesterday as he was leaving for work to see him wearing the leather jacket that he bought probably two years ago.

In fact, I can recall seeing him wear that jacket on only one other occasion. He has been known to order pants from L.L. Bean, Jos. A. Bank or Brooks Brothers and let them sit in the closet in the box for over a year before getting them hemmed. Keep in mind that the style is no different from the pants he has been wearing for the last 20 years or so. It's just that they're new, and that represents change.

The boys and I have also observed him wearing stuff around the house with the tag still on it. I guess he's just waiting for the right moment to go public.

So now that the leather jacket is in the rotation, maybe this summer he'll break in his new sandals from Johnston and Murphy. By then they'll be a year old.

Update:  It’s now August, 2009.  The sandals have never made it out of the box.  Does anyone wear a size 9M?


Joyce said...

my husband does but he owns those shoes : )

Tonja said...

Isn't it funny how men are with clothes? My husband got an expensive pair of grey dress slcks for his birthday in February. Just this week he came in with them after they had been altered. I just can't wait like that!

Lori E said...

Oh the early days of no comments and no friends. (wiping a tear)
Well you are doing great now aren't you.
My husband buys t-shirts. Doesn't wear them to work but at home and at the cabin it is all t-shirts. He can't close his drawers.
They are supposed to get rotated. Grubbiest ones to the cabin for doing grunt work.

"no don't throw them out, I'll take them to the cabin"

Then they come home to be washed and are once again in the mix. Then there are the ones that no longer shall we say "fit". Face it buddy neither one of us is going back to those sizes. Get over it.

Don't even get me started on the stuff he has never worn. Mostly gifts. Return them...duh.
Well thanks for giving me a chance to vent all over your comment section. Makes you long for the early days when no one said anything doesn't it?

Lady Katherine said...

So funny, Mine was only one style of shoe, and mud boots for outdoors. His entire closet is filled with jeans, tea shirts, and a few polo, and button shirts, and a NOW one pair of dress pants, for I went in to hang jeans, and all the dress pants are gone! I have not asked. I do dare buy him anything but jeans. lol sorry mine wears a 13 size shoe.

Cass @ That Old House said...

Ah, Howard used to wear 9s -- now that he's an old fart, it's more like 10.

Howard wears new things right away, but my dad? When we were moving him into assisted living 2 years ago, I found a couple of beautiful Harris Tweed sport jackets, with TAGS still on them, from Abraham & Straus -- NY area department store that closed almost 15 years ago when absorbed by Macy's.

Plus, piles of casual clothes we'd bought him over the years, tags still on. About the only clothing he'd use right away were sweaters knitted by my Mom.

Men. I don't think ANY women do this!

Lynn said...

Maybe he just wants to be able to say, "What. This old thing?
I've had it (them) for ages!" when someone asks , "New shoes? (pants, shirt whatever)

Malvie said...

Ok, I can answer this one without being smart-alec.

Girls, y'all have so many more choices in clothes, and your styles change so much more rapidly, that you (a) have to have more and (b) are more excited over new things.

When your acceptable dress slacks options are gray (light or dark), blue (navy only), or tan (light or dark), and you can either have cuffs or not (woo-hoo! hold me back!); when you can walk into the Johnston and Murphy store and buy the IDENTICAL pair of shoes that you remember your grandfather wearing (though he'd have a heart attack at the $200 price tag); when you've been wearing the same Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts (different sizes, and you'd better not say a word about that because that works in female world, too...), but the same colours/fabric, unchanged, for the past 40 years---and dress shirt colours are white or blue, with either button-down or plain collar---yeah, it is hard to get excited about those clothes. "Woo-hoo! I just got a NEW navy Polo to replace my OLD navy Polo! Which was a replacement for my even OLDER navy Polo!" Yee-haa.

The first Ralph Lauren Polo shirt I bought was at Neiman-Marcus in Dallas in 1975. Navy blue. Its great-great-great-great...great grandson is hanging in my closet.

So if we have more than 1 pair of dark gray slacks, who cares which one it is? Wear one pair till it wears out, then break out the next pair. Half the time, I forget I've even got another pair and go out and buy another.

xinex said...

Oh, that is so funny, Kathy! This is an old post so did he ever wear them?......Christine

Chari said...

Hi Kathy...

Hehe...your LBeau sounds like so many men...especially when it comes to clothes and shoes! It's so funny really...compared to us women when we get a new outfit...we can hardly wait to wear it!!!

Thank you, my friend...for joining in with Sunday Favorites again this week...I enjoyed your post...gave me a chuckle!

Warmest wishes,

g said...

So funny - and so dear, too!