Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pink Is Pink Is Pink

crape myrtles 001 About the time LBeau and I started out on our nightly walk last Sunday, he pointed to our neighbor's crape myrtle tree and said, "That crape myrtle is not the same color pink as our crape myrtles."

Now keep in mind that we've been walking this same route for the past eight years, and he's just now noticing that crape myrtles come in different shades of pink. I've often said that LBeau is slow to notice when I've made decorating changes, but eight years has got to be a record.

I was patient, however, and just said, "If you'll pay attention while we're walking, you'll see lots of shades of pink crape myrtles."

We have three crape myrtles in our front yard. Here's one of them.

1 crape myrtles 002

It's a shade or two lighter than Wayne's crape myrtles across the street.

crape myrtles 003

The house directly across the street boasts a pale pink crape myrtle.

crape myrtles 004

And the one next door that LBeau noticed after all these years has a touch of purple in the pink.

crape myrtles 005


I almost forgot that Beverly asked us for our thoughts on commenting on blogs, so I am going to append that to this post.  I have the Feedjit widget on my blog, so I can see where visitors are coming from.  I have noticed that I get tons of visitors that don’t leave comments.  I think some people probably want to remain anonymous and others just don’t want to take the time to comment.

I try to visit everyone who comments on my blog, and whenever I visit I leave a comment because I know they mean a lot to the blogger.  With time constraints in my daily schedule, this usually means I don’t get around to as many blogs as I would like, but I do the best I can.  Whenever I visit blogs through one of the meme links, I try to start with the most recently linked blogs since I know that the ones linked the earliest will already have gotten lots of visitors.

I have my blog set so that comments do not require word verification, but I also have had it set so that the comments are in a separate window.  I have changed that now so that the comment box is directly below the post.  This might encourage more comments since visitors don’t have to click on a link to make a comment.

So on this Pink Saturday, be sure to take a good look at all the shades of PINK that color your world. And also pay a visit to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for more pink inspiration.  When you do visit a blog, try to leave a comment.


♥Itajeff♥ @Something To Share said...

Pink is beautiful!
Happy PS and may you have a great weekend

Regina said...

Lovely blooms!
Happy Pink Saturday and a nice weekend.

Linda said...

I have come across two blogs this week with those trees that i had never heard of...they are awesome looking. I suspect our climate is too harsh for them as I ahven't seen them here! enjoy your Pink Saturday


darnold23 said...

Thanks for sharing. We're sharing peanut butter ideas and Elvis stories at I hope you will come join us. Or, join us for Crock Pot Wednesdays. Mister Linky will be ready for that on Tuesday. Come on back and share a good Elvis story:)

Mary said...

Those are all fine specimen trees. As to your fella and his lack of awareness. That's not always a bad thing - you can change things without having to explain. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Soosie said...

Hello, Kathy..I think the crape myrtle that we planted 19 years ago in Conway(AR) are called Dallas Red..even though they are a dark pink..
sometimes I see the spelling as crape or crepemyrtle..makes you wonder how that name came to be!
Anyway, if you asked your brother how many colors of CM's there are he would say, "two, white and pink." The big argument here is:"To butcher cut or no prune"..the expert here says no whack, but we whack.
I like the new comment format! You have got to go see Julie and Julia..saw it last night! Susie

Shirley said...

I love crape myrtle but it won't grow all the way up here in zone 5. Beautiful pinks.

Beverly said...

Great post, Kathy. Happy Pink Saturday.

I adore crepe myrtles. We have three that are called watermelon, but I would describe them as hot pink.

Catharina Maria said...

You have a beautiful pink post !
Love from the Netherlands , Rini

Domestic Designer said...

Your flowers are just beautiful! Have a great weekend!

Melissa Miller said...

Kathy your pink crepe mytyles are gorgeous!
My hubby still to this day would not have noticed the color differences in them.
LOL! Too funny! ~Smiles~
i just now learned how to trim up the bottoms so it looks like a tree. People left that comment on my blog after I posted ours this past week.
My hubby says he wants to do that look after I showed him some others trimmed like that.
I'll show him your post too.

I try very hard to comment as much as I possibly can to everyone. It's nice to know people are reading our blogs.

Have a blessed weekend mmy friend.
~Melisssa ;)

Melissa Miller said...

Oops! Sorry about all of my typos. My goodness I think I'm tired today....:)

♥Mimi♥ said...

What a sweet Pink Saturday blog post! Sadly, every Saturday for the past few weeks it has been raining in northern Michigan. So, this day always brings a little sunshine my way. Thanks so much for the treat!

♥Wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend♥

Mimi said...

No, I didn't do the painting. I sure wish I had that kind of talent but I don't. I'm pretty good with a computer and with a crochet hook and knitting needles, though, so guess I'll stick to those!

Claudia said...

LBeau sounds a lot like my husband! He notices things, but not nearly so quickly as I do. It takes him a long while. Happy Pink Saturday!

Lynns Lovelies said...

Happy Pink Saturday Kathy!
Your walking topic made me laugh..Men, bless their hearts:)
I love crepe myrtles and ours is the same pink shade as your first one. This is the first year it has bloomed, too!


~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

Robin said...

Gorgeous Crepe Myrtles! I hope to plant some in my own yard one day.

I do always try to leave a comment on most of the posts that I read, however it may not be on my first visit. A lot of times, I will scan over blog posts while at work, and then when I have time when I get home, I go back and make a comment.

I have ALWAYS appreciated you commenting on my posts! It always makes me smile to see your name!


Robin ;o)

Dawn said...

My hubby loves crepe myrtles and we've always had some where where we've lived. He has been helping his brother design his landscaping and they took my sister-in-law for a ride so she could point out what she lilked. All over town she would point and say "I like that, what is it?" They were ALL crepe myrtles in various shades and sizes!

It is getting harder to comment with all the blogs there are, and the memes getting bigger and bigger. Some times I vist but don't post if they already have a lot of comments, unless I really have something different to add. And then sometimes I get pulled away from the desk in the middle of posting so I cancel it and plan to come back!


arkie said...

Love your crepe myrtles! I can't remember how I found your blog but saw two things the sparked even more interest than whatever I came over to see: Razorback fan and Alabama! My ancestors came from Pell City,AL and I am from AR. I do want to say I loved the indoor picnic you posted about!

Betzie said...

We have crepe myrtles too...I adore the pale pink ones, but there are also white ones on our street. Funny about your hubby, mine would never comment on the colors at all...very left brained oriented, an Accountant. LOL
HPS! Thanks for commenting on my blog...

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Happy PS, Kathy! Love the pretty crepe myrtles! Cute story about your hubs!

Have a lovely weekend!


Susie Jefferson said...

Waht beautiful blossoms - I could see this as fabric!

So glad you found the blog hints helpful - I did try mine below the post, but having the dark background did make things difficult for people. Yours is perfect! I'll be redoing mine from top to bottom as soon as time permits (hopefully this week) when I finish the blogs for one of my clients. Thanks so much for visiting, and (as always) the great comments.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Susie Jefferson said...

Mind you, I would advise you click Moderate Always in the comments box, or you'll end up with some nutter leaving spam!

HTH, Susie xox

Gretz said...

HA! I have been to Beverley's blog too and made some adjustments to my blog setup ;-)

I had a bit of a giggle when I saw the name of your blog ;-)

Love those pink trees! I don't think we have them here in Australia, although we do have beautiful flowering gum that come in many colours

mythoughtsmyvoice said...

I have seen crepe myrtles in blogland and these flowers really look pretty and so abundant when it blooms. I especially like the shape of the tree on the first one. They must really have trimmed this so everything is just pointing upwards.

Happy Pink Saturday!


Sue said...

I never read a blog without leaving a comment and i try to make it more then just one word like..."nice picture"...oh that's two words..aren't husbands wonderful..mine doesn't see me eating...he told me the other day that he can't understand why I haven't lost as much weight as him (42 pounds in 3 months!!) because he never ever see's me eating anything and I should be 105 pounds....I sit next to this man every night for the past 39 years eating dinner....Where has he been? As for me and Joyce our mouths alone make us stand out in a crowd....we did have fun...

Piecefulafternoon said...

Oh the crape myrtle - I surely do miss them. They don't grow up here in NW WA - we had them all over the place when we lived in the desert in SoCal - but I don't miss the desert so I guess you get some compensations where ever you live. Lovely photos, I love the color variations.

g said...

Lovely to think about what motivates visitors to comment. I notice that my family says they are faithful readers (and my sitemeter verifies it) but none of them ever comment!

I like seeing crepe myrtles, but I;ve never wanted to grow one. I think they are pretty, but since they don't have a scent, I've never wanted to give them space in my small yard. Your photos sure are gorgeous, though!

Great post.

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

happy belated PS! I am making my pinky round now.. any blooms with pink always caught my eyes and they always turnout lovely! just like your crepe myrtles..

have a great week!


I grew up with Crepe Myrtles back home in Texas. They were so pretty in my childhood backyard and made the beautiful backdrop for every Easter dress picture we ever took!

Alas, none here in Colorado...Thanks for stopping by to say hi. Happy belated Pink Saturday!