Sunday, February 8, 2009

Parenting 101

Being a parent is not easy. I was reminded of that on two different occasions this week.

The first was when Ben called to say that he will be getting his wisdom teeth pulled, and once that's done he will have to wear braces for two years. In spite of taking him to the dentist every six months, it seems we missed the fact that he never lost one of his baby teeth. So the permanent tooth is still lurking somewhere below it in his gum.

Being the third child, Ben seems to think he was somehow neglected. I assured him that if he wanted to continue to claim neglect, we would gladly accept repayment for his high school and college education and the car he drove until about a year ago.

Today I was listening to one of Hunter's sermons in which he used the story of his youth baseball career as an example. Once he graduated from tee-ball to pitch ball, he recalls making contact with the baseball only twice. Finally in frustration he gave up athletic pursuits.

Then when he was in sixth grade he had to take a physical before attending Boy Scout camp. Part of the physical was an eye exam. Well, lo and behold, Hunter needed glasses. So he concludes that the reason he couldn't make contact with the ball was because he couldn't see the ball.

So what's the point of all of this? Well, when you're raising children, you do the best you can. Sometimes you get it right, and sometimes you wish you could take a do over. Nevertheless, my three turned out pretty good.


Ben said...

Notice that she posts a picture of Hunter, the first child. Being the neglected third child, KBeau and LBeau rarely busted out the camera for me.

Just kidding. Love you mom. Thanks for high school and college.

KBeau said...

Well, what would you have had me post? I guess I could have tried to find a picture of your teeth. Hunter's picture was relative to the blog entry. And if you'll go back and check other blog entries, you'll find plenty of pictures of you.