Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mail Call - Part 2

"OFFICIAL BUSINESS - IMPORTANT: Audit material enclosed."

That word "audit" just sets my teeth on edge, so naturally I opened the envelope. After all, you can't ignore an audit. So who was about to come audit me and for what?

"Receipt Verification Audit," read the heading at the top of the enclosed notification. It seems that my FREE subscription to Remodeling Magazine was about to expire, and they needed me to verify that I wanted to continue receiving this free subscription.

So I think I'll just ignore this warning. Since I began receiving their magazine without ever subscribing in the first place, I'm betting they continue sending it to me. And if they don't, I don't think I'll miss it.

This sort of reminds me of messages I've been getting lately on my answer machine.

"We've been trying to reach you, and this is your last chance to respond before your vehicle's warranty expires. To extend your vehicle's warranty, call 1-800-xxx-xxxx to speak to a representative."

We've had both of our vehicles for about 18 months, and they each have about 20,000 miles. The warranties expire at three years or 45,000 miles. At that point, the leases run out. I think I'll pass on returning that call.


Baumbastic said...

If you figure out how to get rid of those vehicle warranty calls, would you let me know? I have been getting them, including the one that says "THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING." for about two years.

Mar Mar said...

My last warning calls are about improving the interest rate on my credit card. I've gotten at least 5 of these "Last Warnings." The thing that irritates me most about these kind of calls is that if you see it's "out of area" on caller id, they just keep calling until you finally answer it. During the elections I finally told one of the Republican callers (and I get Democratic ones, too) that if I got any more calls from them I was voting all Democrat. That stopped the calls!

KBeau said...

I'm getting the interest rate calls also, but they don't usually get a message. It's usually a recording if I answer. For the vehicle warranty call, the recorded message actually leaves a message on my answer machine.

Malvie said...

I do not know Mar Mar, but she and I must be on the same page. I will come home and my answering machine will be "full". Every single one of the calls will be my "FINAL WARNING" that they have exhausted all efforts to reach me about lowering my interest rate on my credit card!!!!!! OH MY GOD the world is ENDING!

I'm on the "Do not call" list, too. It must be from one of my credit card vendors or their affiliates.

As far as the warranty stuff, I get that (by the bucketful) in the snail mail. I got one the other day warning me in most dire terms that the warranty on my 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan is expired, but if I hurry I can still get it covered. I traded the car in at McGinnis Cadillac on Katy Freeway in October, 2007; it's probably a taxi in Mexico at this point (a frequent fate of minivans from here).