Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I've Been Tagged

JB tagged me to participate in a game of Blog Tag. My task is to write seven random, weird or funny things about myself. So here goes.

1. I drive a red Ford F-150, extended cab. This is my fourth red pickup truck. The second one was supposed to be Dakota Beige. I had special ordered it, but when it came in another salesman sold it and they had to scramble to find another one for me. It turned out to be another red one, so I've just stuck with red ever since.

2. The radio in my red Ford F-150 is usually tuned to a sports talk radio station. We have a good local station here in Birmingham, even though the talk usually centers around Auburn and Alabama.

3. I post on a Razorback message board using the handle Petunia Pig. I started with the old KARK message board about 12 or 13 years ago. Everyone on that board eventually migrated to the PigPen message board, and when PigPen folded I started posting on the Hawg's Illustrated board.

4. My grandmother name is KBeau. At least that's what we are teaching Walker to say. Ben's friends were the first to call me KBeau. The name comes from my first email address, We joined AOL when it was a DOS program and the only people you could email were other AOL members. Unfortunately, when I went to another service provider, KBeau was not available. Since I'm KBeau, Larry is naturally LBeau.

5. When I was a student at the University of Arkansas, I was known in the Kappa house as the Tube Queen. I would study every night in front of the television, and at noon I didn't miss many episodes of As the World Turns. Now that I build and remodel homes, I probably haven't watched a soap opera in 15 years.

6. My hair is its natural color, which is blonde, liberally sprinkled with gray. A lot of people think I get it highlighted, but whenever I've spent the $60 or so to highlight my hair it looks just the same.

7. Larry says that I have the perfect job. I get to talk a lot on the phone (Nextel radio), boss a lot of men and spend a lot of money.

Now I'm supposed to tag some others, but since I'm new to blogging, all of my blogger friends have already been tagged by JB. Check back later, and maybe I'll tag someone.

Update: Since my friend Nick has joined the world of blogging, I now tag him.


Brent said...

These days Walker gets on his play phone and says he is talking to "KBeau"... I think your grandma name has set in.

Your hair is natural? Wow. You are really lucky that your natural color looks that good.

By the way, this is Katie, not Brent. He might not be as interested in hair color. :)

abbiegrace said...

Hi Aunt Kathy! You and Hunter have the sports radio thing in common as well as checking up on the Razorbacks online. He does both every day!
I absolutely love your grandmother name. Cute, unique, and easy to say!
It's good to find you on the web (via JB.)
Have a great day,

The Walkie Talkie said...

Thanks for playing, Aunt Kathy! I too am VERY impressed that your hair is so naturally beautiful! What a way to save some cash!

The Walkie Talkie said...

P.S. I can't picture you driving anything BUT a RED pick-up truck.