Saturday, October 18, 2008

All About Bras

The latest challenge has been to find Mema a bra to wear for the wedding. It had to fit low enough in the front that it didn't show at the top of her dress but still keep her boobs from sagging.

My sister Margie volunteered to help. She wears a $10 Hanes bra from Wal-Mart and thought it might work. The only drawback was that it was an underwire bra, and in the 70 plus years that she's been wearing a bra, Mema has never worn one that has underwire.

Believe me, I understand about the underwire hang up. I am short waisted, and the underwire always sits right on top of my ribs, so I, too, have resisted underwire bras. The problem is that it's about all you can find these days, but they really do keep your boobs from sagging.

A few years ago, Olga quit making my favorite bra, and I had to go in search of another style. I bought one underwire bra and tried it for a while, but I eventually went back to my worn out Olgas. I finally found an internet site that had some discontinued styles.

HerRoom had an Olga bra that appeared to be just like the ones I had been wearing even though the style number was not quite the same. So I bought two. When they came I found that they were pretty comfortable, but they had lots more padding than the ones I had been wearing. In fact, LBeau calls them my cardboard bras. When he made fun of them this morning, Margie challenged, "I'd like to see you try to find a bra that fits."

Lately I've gone back to wearing the underwire bra that was still sitting in my drawer. I've decided it's not too bad. Now that we've gotten Mema taken care of, we just have to find me a strapless bra to wear with my mother-of-the-groom dress.


The Walkie Talkie said...

I can just hear Mema discussing the undergarment dilemma. And good luck finding a strapless bra- I have NEVER found one I liked. I have decided they are worn as a necessity, not for the comfortable factor. But if anyone can find a good bra- it will be you!

We missed being at the party tonight! Please, share pictures if you get a minute!

Love, JB

Ben said...

This post, along with several others, is filed under the TMI (Too Much Information) category... particularly from one's mother.