Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You're Not Getting Any Younger

I've had lots of reminders lately that time is marching on.  The first came back in January when I visited the orthopedic surgeon to have my sutures removed.  When I asked Greg, the physician's assistant, about the repair of the meniscus tear that they had found, he remarked, "Oh at your age we don't repair them; we just clean them up."

I looked at my friend Glenda and said, "Well I guess I'm just too old to fix."

Shortly after that, I began to correspond via email with a cousin in Virginia who is updating the Belin family tree.  He needed some help filling in the gaps.  My maternal grandmother, Mary Belle Belin Reynolds, grew up in Warren, Arkansas, and is shown below with her siblings.


When I started working on information for my part of the family, I realized that since his last update we've added 15 members of a new generation to the line.  This is Ty.  Born in January, he's number 14.  Later in January Marion, named for my mother, arrived, and number 16 is already on the way.

As if that was not enough hint that I'm not as young as I used to be, my friend Danny began posting pictures on Facebook of our hometown, Camden, Arkansas.   This photo of the Tastee-Freez prompted a lengthy discussion of our Friday and Saturday night routine—circle the Tastee-Freez and the Duck Inn, and head back to Teen Town for more dancing to those 1960's 45's.


Meanwhile, Roy, our class president, circulated one of those email quizzes to see how much we remembered.  You know, questions like "What builds strong bodies 12 ways?"  I got a perfect score.

That prompted Jack to post some pictures from a 1958 Christmas dance.  We were 12 years old and in seventh grade, that awkward age where most of the girls are taller than the boys.  I was not one of them—awkward, yes (my mother had blessed me with an awful home perm), but taller, no.

Joy and Jack (dancing), and Nancy (seated with the corsage) were our hosts.  The dance was held at the Supervisor's Club, which was also the venue for our 45th class reunion several years ago.

Camden Dance 1 edited - 1958

So yes, I'm getting older, but it surely is fun to look back and remember the good times.  I'm already looking forward to more good times to come.


Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

That's my attitude! Surely, at some point we will be through educating our kids and will be able to relax and wait on grandchildren and have fun! lol

Seth is a Jr. in college and I feel, given the number of degrees he is trying to attain....will be there FOREVER!!

Hope you are doing well!

The best is yet to come right???

Lou Cinda :)

Designs on 47th Street said...

Loved this post for sure! I just had a birthday yesterday...61. Those pictures you posted could have been something from my albums as well. Love the dance photo! Oh my...those were the days, weren' they?? :)


tale of many cities said...

you're so welcome! you've been so supportive, even when i'm venting & spewing! wanted to show my appreciation! :) glad you are recovering and getting back to the little things. :) georgia is fine.. just didn't care for the snow & ICE! we thought we moved from that weather!! :P

Sarah said...

Such fun to see these old photos. Hope you will share more. ~ Sarah

Expats Again said...

Loved this post. Brings back so many memories.

Joyce said...

I especially love the dance picture! I love looking at old fun to see where we've been in life.