Monday, February 21, 2011

Lucy's First Birthday

LBeau and I traveled to Harrison, Arkansas, this past weekend to celebrate Lucy's first birthday with Lucy, Ben and Claire and Claire's family.  Lucy turned one on Friday, but we saved the party for Saturday, which was also Claire's brother Adam's 19th birthday.

Claire spent Saturday morning making birthday cakes—a pistachio cake for the adults, a banana "smash" cake for Lucy and a brownie cake for Adam.

lucy 014

Claire's sister Caroline helped Claire choose photos from each month of Lucy's first year.  These were mounted and hung on the dining room chandelier.

lucy 019

After lunch it was time to celebrate.  Lucy briefly donned the Party Princess hat.

lucy 041

But Adam absolutely refused to wear it.

lucy 057

Lucy got lots of cute clothes, including these cool new shoes.

lucy 050

But the most fun was eating the "smash" cake…

lucy 069

…and sitting in her brand new chair.

lucy 085


Sarah Frost said...

Oh Kathy, she is just adorable! I love the glittery sneakers and her big girl chair! What fun!!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Kathy Sweetie...
A beautiful share of Lucy's birthday. I love her little snazzy shoes. How sweet they are. She looks so cute smashing her cake and what an amazing job was done making these cakes.

I love the idea of the photos hanging from the chandie. That is SO cute. A wonderful way to share.

Happy 1st birthday Lucy sweetie. You sure are a cutie. Thanks for sharing her celebration with me this morning. I loved the party.

Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Valerie said...

Hi Kathy! How are you?!!! Hope all is going well!

One, one, ONE! How in the world does that happen? Wow, Lucy sure is a cutie!

Loved the party hat pics...and what's up with the big boy not wanting to wear his? LOL

Take care!

Marydon said...

Oh, Kathy, she is adorable, truly a party princess. Love all the decorative ideas ... clever.

Have a beautiful week ~

Anonymous said...

Miss Lucy is darling!!! Happy Birthday Lucy!!!! Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing. dianna

Joyce said...

Oh she is adorable! Happy Birthday to your grand girl!

nanny said...

How cute.....I love her precious shoes....
My granddaughter has a chair just like Lucy's....only pink! Aren't they sweet?