Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Cuties!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  In honor of this day that honors love, I thought I'd share this family photo of my brother Tommy and my cousins Mary Lynn and Ruth Ann.

Tommy and the Reeves girls

This picture was made sometime in the mid 1950's by Ben Bracken, who was the photographer (the only professional photographer, in fact) in Camden, Arkansas.  As I recall, it was for some kind of feature article that was published in the Camden News.

I've spent a lot of time lately looking at old photos from my hometown, thanks to my friend Danny.  More on that later as I try to get inspired to start blogging more frequently again.

Meanwhile, hope you get flowers or a heart-shaped box of chocolate candy or at least a card from your sweetie.


nanny said...

I love this is great.
We've missed you!!!!

Joyce said...

Fabulous photo! I hope you're doing well-how is the knee?

tale of many cities said...

hi ya! stop by my neighborhood to see who got an award! ;)

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh how cute that is! Kathy, I didn't know about your surgery. Glad you are apparently recuperating. I guess Life in the Slow Lane got a little slower for awhile. Glad you're back to the blog. laurie

Sarah said...

Cute photo, Kathy. I remember having one of those little rabbit fur caps. ;-)
Hope you enjoyed a sweet Valentine's Day! ~ Sarah
Hope your recovery goes well.