Friday, September 19, 2008

There's Something About Small Towns

"Even if y'all aren't 'drankers' you need to check out our bar."

That's what the lady at the Fortune Inn and Suites in Newport, Arkansas, told me when I called to make reservations for the weekend of Larry's 45th class reunion.

I had asked her if Fortune's was the former Park Inn. Since there are only three places to stay in Newport, and I knew it wasn't the Day's Inn, I figured that might be the case.

She explained that they had remodeled and changed the name, moving their offices to the former location of Kelly's Grill. That's too bad about Kelly's because Larry said it had been a fixture in Newport since at least the '50's, but she quickly pointed out that the bar was a great addition and a "must see."

She described the bar as a tribute to George Kell and Sonny Burgess, two natives of Jackson County. Kell is a former Detroit Tiger third baseman and member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Burgess is a song writer and singer of rockabilly music and a member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.

I could tell she was excited about the bar, and she was also excited to tell me that Burgess would be performing at Depot Days in Newport the night we will be in town. I told her that Larry loves Sonny's music and that I hoped the reunion dinner would be over in time for us to enjoy his concert.

"You could go early," she said. "Depot Days starts about 2:30."

I told her we probably wouldn't be able to make it that early since we have to watch the Razorbacks play Texas, but she reminded me that folks would probably bring their radios.

By the time we finished talking, she had fixed me up with a king, non-smoking for $62.10 that comes with a free "continental" breakfast, including biscuits and gravy, muffins, cereal, coffee and more.

You don't get that kind of information by calling 1-800-Hampton.

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The Walkie Talkie said...

My mom's reunion is the same weekend in Nashville, AR. Fortunately she will stay with her sister because I think the only hotel in town is plum booked solid.

They won't have quite the entertainment though. As the highlight for entertainment in Nashville is the big 4th of July ceremony!