Friday, September 26, 2008

Girl Talk - Of Mice and Men

When women get together, they don't necessarily talk about men. Last night at our "girlfriends" get together, we talked about weddings and grandchildren and aging parents and mice.

That's right--mice. We arrived at that topic because I asked Claire, who was our guest, if Ben had told her he had mice in his house and if she had any qualms about moving in after the wedding.

Glenda B. jumped in and advised that the best way to get rid of mice was to put out some of those sticky traps. She thought she had heard a mouse under her bed or in her bedroom walls, but she later discovered that it had been in her purse eating some vitamin pills. The mouse had to go, so out came the sticky pads.

She also shared some other useful useful information. If you're squeamish about killing the mouse after you catch it, you take it, sticky pad and all, to a wooded area. Then pour oil on the pad, and the mouse will work its way off.

"Why would you want to do that?" asked another friend. "The mouse will probably beat you back to the house."

Glenda said that husband Art had the same attitude and planned to just bop the mouse over the head with a hammer or something. However, once the mouse was trapped, he wimped out. So off he went to the woods with mouse, sticky pad and a bottle of Wesson oil.

John Steinbeck has nothing on us.

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Margie said...

Is Claire wondering what she's gotten herself into?