Monday, September 15, 2008


As an Arkansas Razorback fan, I naturally have a fondness for pigs. A few years ago, this led me to start a pig collection.

The pig collection began with a portrait that my Aunt Mary painted of me sitting on a Hampshire hog when I was about three years old. I have it prominently displayed in my home.

Why an oil painting of me sitting on a pig? When I was young, my grandfather raised Hampshire hogs. As the oldest of 21 grandchildren, I got lots of attention. He would sometimes take me down to the pig pen and set me on one of the hogs while my parents, aunts and uncles took pictures. Once I hung the painting, I began looking for pigs everywhere - gift shops, craft shows, estate sales, eBay. If I found something I liked (no cheesy pigs would do), I would add it to my collection.

Soon my friends began contributing to my collection, and it grew. About this time, friends from Arkansas, Nick and J.R., began staying with us when they came to Alabama to watch the Razorbacks play. They took notice of my pig collection, and J.R. began looking for pigs to add to it. One trip, Nick and another friend, Marty, showed up here in Birmingham for the SEC Baseball Tournament with the collection that J.R. had assembled. It included the grill/planter (right)that I fondly named Petunia.

My collection didn't stop with everyday decorative stuff. I also began collecting Christmas ornaments with a pig theme. For a few years I even put up a special pig tree, using my pig ornament collection and even a few strands of pig lights.

It finally got to the point that Larry and the boys told me, "No more farm animals." Although I have tempered my pig buying habit, I still look for pigs when we travel. When we were in Seattle for Brent's and Katie's wedding in 2005, we found this pig at Pike's Market and took this picture of me and my brother Tommy.

On a recent trip to Italy, Larry and I came across this boar's head in
Orvieto. So while I may not bring as many pigs home as I once did, they are in my blood, and I won't stop looking for them.

Meanwhile, Go Hogs and Woooooooo Pig Sooiee.


Sue said...

How adorable...I can't believe that is you in the picture...that is too cute...collections are fun until they take over your house...I did the same thing with nutcrackers from Germany until there were just too many....I made a bundle on E-Bay and just kept my very favorites....I realy enjoyed seeing your pigs!! Sue.

OCDesigner ~Athella said...

uh huh uhuh Love them to...don't collect them...So, I'll just look at yours when I need to.