Saturday, November 19, 2011

Say It With Flowers

roses 006 Last Monday, for only the second time since I’ve known him, LBeau gave me flowers.

The first time was early in our marriage.  We were living in St. Louis at the time, and LBeau was on his way home from work at Missouri-Pacific Railroad.  A street vendor was selling roses for 50 cents a dozen.  On an impulse, he bought some.

Since that time, I have given birth to three children and had too many birthdays to count, but no more flowers.  My friend Glenda is also married to an engineer, and we have often shared stories about no gifts and no flowers.  At least she has daughters who were sometimes dispatched to “buy something for Mom for her birthday.”  I have three boys.  Enough said.

Needless to say, I was shocked when LBeau appeared bright and early Monday morning, my 65th birthday, with a dozen red roses and a card.  As my oldest son, Hunter, said, “When you don’t expect much, the least little thing can make your day.”

roses 003


nanny said...

Well he did a great job....they are just beautiful.

Happy, Happy, Belated Birthday.

Go Hogs!

Mar Mar said...

I'm so proud of Larry! The most shocking thing Alan ever did for me where flowers are concerned was give me 30 red roses on our 30th anniversary. And he thought it up all by himself! There's hope for our men yet!

Baumbastic said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!!

Sarah said...

Well, Happy Birthday, Kathy. Flowers are always a welcome gift for me.

Sush said...

Wow how beautiful and how nice your engineer remembered! I've one of those as my date for the last forty plus years and he sometimes remembers and sometimes nah!
I've four boys but was rescued by my fifth daughter.
They to take notice!

Happy Birthday~