Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lightening the Load & Other Musings

For about an hour this morning I got into a cleaning out frenzy.  First I decided it was time to put away the summer clothes and get out all of the cooler (can’t really say “cold” here in Alabama) weather stuff.  In the process, I got rid of a lot of clothes that I didn’t wear all season.

It felt good to get rid of things, but the best thing I did was to clean off my key chain.  I had been carrying around all of this stuff.  Now having this whole wad of keys made it easy to find them in my purse, but it also added a lot of weight.  Besides I had no idea what half of the keys unlocked.

blog 003

I think I counted 15 keys, three rewards cards (notice that the Best Buy card was non-functional because half of it was missing), and other assorted fobs and stuff.  I’m now down to five keys, two rewards cards, one fob and my Arkansas Alumni Association Life Member tag.

If I’ve built or remodeled your house in the past four or five years, you may recognize one of the miscellaneous keys.  If so, just let me know, and you can have it back.

IMG_2218 Also today I completed my Halloween decoration.  Hey, I’ve been up since 4:30 a.m., so I’ve gotten lots done.  I found this inspiration idea on Pinterest (my newest mania).  The inspiration pumpkin topiary was made with fake pumpkins, but I decided I wanted to use with real pumpkins and live plants.

I found the pumpkins last weekend at the Farmer’s Market when we were in Memphis, and I already had a nice size pot.  So earlier this week I set out to buy wooden letters and glitter spray paint.  Well, let’s just say lots of other people must have seen this on Pinterest, because there was no black glitter spray paint to be found at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or WalMart.

Fortunately, I only had to visit Michael’s in my quest.  There was a man there at the same time looking for the same spray paint for his wife, and he had already been to Hobby Lobby and WalMart.  Saved me a trip.  I ended up buying flat black spray paint and then brushed over it with glitter paint.

The letters were a different story.  The selection was not good because most of the styles had no “B’s” or “O’s.”  I had to settle for a less decorative style, but that’s what I get for getting a late start.  So here’s my pumpkin topiary.  I figure I can take the letters off, and it’ll be good through Thanksgiving.

blog 004

Speaking of Halloween, what are you going to be this year?  One house in my neighborhood has decided to be Christmas for Halloween.  Their decorations went up this week.

blog 002

Do you see the garland around their door and on the balcony?  They also have the mailbox decked out in the same theme—greenery, pine cones and red and green glass balls.  I mean, it’s one thing for the stores to put out Christmas stuff before Halloween, but that doesn’t mean we have to use it.


kate said...

NOOOOO. Christmas for Halloween?! I mean, I guess it's okay to dress up like it, but make sure to take off the costume after the 31st! I love your BOO decor...pinterest is pretty great!

Cassie said...

I recognize one of those keys!

KBeau said...

Cassie, I figured you'd comment, because I thought one of those was yours. Ha!

Expats Again said...

Love the topiary and Pinterest! Acch, Christmas will come soon enough.

Joyce said...

Wow-Christmas at Halloween? We usually put our lights around in early November before the weather gets really snowy but we never turn anything on til after Thanksgiving. And no garland, etc! That's just wrong!

Sush said...

One can only hope they are going to be on some tour or other for the holidays and had to get an early start!

nanny said...

Well if you are gonna put up decorations, might as well enjoy them for a couple of

Lady Jane said...

Cool boo pumpkins. I need to keep that in the ole memory bank... Hugs, LJ