Friday, August 27, 2010

It's About Time!

It's almost time.  I can feel it in the air.  The early mornings are a little cool and crisp, and the oppressive humidity that we had just a few weeks ago is gone for now.

214625313_cdc3abc88a Earlier this week I saw my first yellow sulfur butterflies of the season as I drove down the road.  My friend Joe once told me that the appearance of the yellow sulfur butterflies was another sign that it was almost time.

Time for what, you ask.  Why college football of course.

Go Hogs!!


FAVORITETHINGSBUTTON And since college football, especially Razorback football, is one of my favorite things, I'm linking up with Laurie for Favorite Things Saturday.  Stop by Laurie's place to see other favorites.

P.S.  Look what I found sitting on my doorstep when I went out to get the mail today, and from none other than that sweet Laurie.  She is so thoughtful.

Laurie 004 First was this cute brass plate holder.  Laurie remembered how much I liked it when she showed pictures of hers a while back.  She recently found this one at an estate sale and thought of me.

It works so well with my pig plate that I think I'll have to use it as a serving piece for the Game Day Watch Party we're having at our house September 4th.

Laurie 005 Also in the box were these beautiful eggs with the sweetest birds painted on them.  I think they look very French.  Laurie said that she has lots of these, and she remembered how much I liked them from one of her earlier posts.

I guess sometimes it just pays to covet your "neighbor's" things!


Baumbastic said...

Go Hogs!

This should be a very exciting year to be a Razorback fan.

Joyce said...

I am thinking this is not the year for the Vols but we'll be rooting anyway. I love football season...we're going to a Giants game and a Jets game in the next couple of weeks. They're fun too.

Have a great weekend!

Jeanette said...

I am looking forward to football season also but the cool weather is looking good!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Kathy, I'm so glad you liked your little surprises. I was kind of surprised to see the plate handle at the estate sale (and still in the box!). Isn't this cooler weather just fantastic? It is starting to feel like footbal season, and I think (and hope) it's going to be a fun season for Razorback fans! OOOOOO PIG SOOOOIE! laurie

Valerie said...

Hi Sweet Friend!

I hear ya on the cooler weather! Does it get cool in Alabama? I imagine it does a bit.

We have begun to have mornings in the lower 60s...wooo whooo!

This past summer about did me in! To be almost 41 and pregnant in 115 degree (heat index) temps was just too much to bear! And since delivery day at the end of July, we've still been pretty much cooped up inside since the little one would never be able to tolerate such intense heat and humidity! Ugh!

Thinking sweater weather, football, and holiday season!


Glad to hear that you are enjoying your new(er) camera so much! Would you recommend that model to a beginner? I have a friend in the market for a DSLR who has only used a digital point and shoot.

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Oh, I am loving this touch of cooler weather too! Just the thought of going to any fottball game even our local high scholl and being bundled up with a thermos of hot chocolate sounds fantastic to me right now!

What wonderful surprise gifts from Laurie! She truly is such a beautiful blogger and friend. She just lights up people's hearts!

Sue said...

Oh how absolutely fun to get an unexpected gift! Is coveting one of those "deadly" sins?! LOL
xo Sue

Aunt Snow said...

Ohmigod. I love that pig plate!

I'll just keep quiet about my team, but I adore that plate!

Sarah said...

Well, being a Longhorn, I can't really say, "Go Hogs!" now can I? So instead I'll say, "Way to go, Laurie!" Isn't she the dearest! I'm so thrilled our paths have crossed. Absolutely love that piggy plate. It is too cute for words.
We're enjoying some cooler temps as well. It was in the 70s for our morning walk. Fingers crossed that it will last and carry us right on into the fall season. ~ Sarah

Debby said...

Your header looks great. The butterfly is beautiful. The gifts you received are perfect and so cute. I am not a football fan but I will always support you in your love for it. Go Hogs!

nanny said...

I love the poster/sign.....makes me excited!!!
I have several yellow butterflies on my flowers but didn't know the meaning of their appearance....
What great gifts...know you love them!
Go Hogs!

xinex said...

Those are very pretty, Kathy! Isn't Laurie just the nicest and most generous person? John wanted to go to U of M to watch the ballgame in Sept. but I discouraged him cause I am so tired of traveling too much. Thanks for the best wishes on the store. Would love to see you there but you might want to call or email me first cause I am only there when I am stocking. I am the lazy seller, lol. The owner sells for me....Christine

susan said...

Ahhh football season. Ole Miss is waiting to see if the gamble on Masoli will pay off! We will be going to the Ark/Ole Miss game in Oct. Our son has been dating an Ark grad. for 3 years!!!! I think they still make those 64 boxes of crayons. Our daughter who teaches kindergarten has been back at school for almost a month! That Laurie is such a sweetie. Love your gifts!

Malvie said...