Friday, December 25, 2009

Home Alone

christmas 005 For the first time ever, LBeau and I are spending Christmas by ourselves.  When we were first married, we always traveled to be with family.  After the kids started coming, we would sometimes have Christmas morning at home and then travel to Camden to be with my family.  Later the grandparents began coming to our house for Christmas.

This year all of the kids and grands are elsewhere.  Brent, Katie, Walker and Lauren are in Bainbridge Island, Washington, with Katie's family, and Ben and Claire are in Arkansas with Claire's parents and siblings.  Hunter had preaching duties at his church in Denver.

So we all gathered here last weekend for our family Christmas celebration.  And we did all the traditional Christmas things.  First we ate our usual Christmas brunch—ham, biscuits, cheese grits, scrambled eggs and pineapple "stuff."

Then we opened packages.  Baby Lucy got a good start on reading material.

christmas 015

Walker had a grand time with his new truck that came equipped with all kinds of musical instruments.

christmas 006

And we played games and worked puzzles, finishing the 1,000 piece Las Vegas puzzle before everyone left.

christmas 009

So while I can't say this has been the best Christmas ever, it hasn't been all bad.  LBeau and I have been well taken care of by our friends.  Walt and Glenda invited us for chili dinner last night before the Christmas Eve service, and this afternoon we'll hike up the hill to Wayne's and Susie's house for turkey, ham and all the trimmings.

We're having both stuffing and cornbread dressing.  Susie grew up in Kentucky and Pennsylvania and always stuffs her turkey.  I'm contributing Southern cornbread dressing.

And one more thing.  LBeau got a brand new air rifle, which has already made a significant dent in the squirrel population around here.

squirrel 001

Merry Christmas, Everyone!!


Baumbastic said...

At least you are able to be out and about on Christmas! I'm snowed in. But we will try again on Sunday.

Tell Larry "Good Job" on depleting the squirrel population. 8-)

nanny said...

Merry Christmas!!!! Hope you had a good day even though kiddos werent there!!!

Sarah said...

Merry Christmas, Kathy! It's just the two of us, so our Christmas is always quiet and simple. We had a small family dinner here last night, this morning we had our traditional stocking gifts, took a walk on this crisp sunny day, and tonight it's dinner with friends. Feeling very blessed indeed! ~ Enjoy your time together. ~ Sarah

Tonja said...

Hope the remainder of your holidays are just as you like!

Lou Cinda said...

Merry Christmas Kathy!! I wish you and yours the very best!!

Lou Cinda :)

Maurice said...

(This is Nick using Dad's computer)


1. The "puzzle worker"---My GAWD, it's Larry Beaumont from 30 years ago, come back and working puzzles!!!

2. We had the traditional Christmas fight this year (well, not really a fight, just a disagreement--and for once, it was the elders vs. the youngsters. My position (the correct one): unless the bread-like substance is actually STUFFING a bird, it's not "stuffing", it's "DRESSING" (especially if it's made from homemade cornbread out of iron skillets). The kids all call it "stuffing", thanks Yankees who make and endlessly advertise "Stove Top"'ve corrupted our southern "utes".

3. I am too old to stand on line for 45 minutes to see a movie.

xinex said...

That sounds like a fun early Christmas celebration, Kathy. John and I spent Chr8istmas quietly at home by ourselves too and it was sick but it was not bad either. I hope you are enjopying your holiday season....Christine

Joyce said...

My husband will be envious of your husbands's gift although we think the groundhogs have gone into hiding.

Our profile picture was taken in St. James Park which is the park in front of Buckingham Palace. We're on a bridge in the park and that is the London Eye behind's quite a ways away but it's so massive it turns up in alot of pictures.

Glad your Christmas was happy and you were able to celebrate early with family and have friends to share the day yesterday. Happy New Year!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Kathy, your family is beautiful. Our Christmas traditions change when our children add spouses to the mix. So glad your family was able to celebrate together before Christmas. laurie

Susie Walker said...

Don't put anyone's eye out, Larry!

Debbie said...

Can LBeau come to my house with his air gun? I can contribute lots of squirrels:)