Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Work in Progress

stretch header I have been intrigued by some of the blogs that have gone to the wider format with the capability of posting really large pictures. This morning I created a test blog to work with this format in the hopes of using it with Life in the Slow Lane.

I want to get everything right—header, background, font size—before switching to the minima stretch format. There were a couple of things that I did not like about the wider format. For one, I don’t like the really wide header with the pictures that don’t fill the border. I know you can delete the border, but I sort of like it and have been working out how to make it smaller. I think I got that right and will be posting instructions at some point. Now I’m working on the background.

If you want to check my progress, here is the LINK to my test blog. Let me know what you think. As a bonus, I’ve posted a couple of new pictures of my grandchildren on the test blog.

Update I—I have about decided that there are still things I like about the regular format that I don't want to give up. With the stretch format, for example, it is just about impossible to have a center section with something decorative running along the edges. So I went back to the regular two-column format and adjusted the widths of the columns. I'm still tweaking.

Update II—Well, I've been at it for much of the day, and what you see now is pretty close to the finished product.  I just got through updating Windows Live Writer so that it recognizes my new template.  I'll probably post some of the steps I went through on Show and Tell this Friday.  I was going to wait until Metamorphosis Monday, but I will be traveling that day and probably would not be able to link the post.  Friday is going to be a busy posting day for me because I have something I just have to share on Foodie Friday.

I think that's about all I can do today.  My contacts are about stuck to my eyeballs from staring at the computer screen.  Does anyone else have this problem?


momma said...

i do like that larger/wider format and i know i would like larger pictures, too. i'll be watching to see how it turns out!

Valerie said...

I think that your new format looks great. I've seen other blogs that use the larger format and I have to say that I like it as well.

BTW...your mother-in-law looks maaaaaarvelous! Happy 98th birthday to her! Gosh, I hope not only do I look that good, but that I LIVE that long!

Hope all is well,

P.S. That granddaughter sure is a cutie!

Tonja said...

I'm impressed!

Candy said...

I really like this wider blog page. You girls forging new ground, I'll have to come back and see how you did it. But right now it blows my mind. I trying to cram ukulele chords in my head...and fingers.
I have never been one to do too much brainy stuff. I'm a simple hardworking kind of gal.

Love the new look.

darnold23 said...

I'm glad you are working this all out for the rest of us:)

Baumbastic said...

I like the wider format. Good job!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Kathy, I think you've found the a wonderful happy medium between the stretch and the 3 column. Your blog looks so pretty. I always think I'm not going to be blogging long enough to go to the trouble to make my blog look good. That's why I've had the same old stretch look with big pix for EVEAH! I may have to start thinking about some changes (or maybe not!) laurie

Dixie said...

Kathy, I love the new blog look... it suits you... You've probably noticed I've been being creative on my blog format too! I'm like you on the stretch format... there were too many things I'd have to give up to get it. I opted for the 3 column style which is the same width as yours here... mainly because with one side bar... stuff I wanted at the top ended up way down the page... guess I have too much stuff?

Anyway, can't wait to read your processes... I always learning something new!