Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Wonderful Life

Today, June 7, 2011, marks a milestone in our family, as my sweet mother-in-law turns 100 years old!!

martha b 003 edited

Annie Martha McCallum Beaumont was born on June 7, 1911, in Union Church, Mississippi, the third child and second daughter of Samuel Tucker McCallum and Lilly Boatner Winters McCallum.  In 1919 the family farm was sold, and Sam, Lilly and their five children (they would later add another son), moved to Lake Village, Arkansas.

It was there in 1929 that Martha met Lauren Hunter (Beau) Beaumont, who traveled Arkansas selling farm implements for International Harvester.


Martha and Beau married on May 3, 1931.  After living in Little Rock, Fort Smith and North Little Rock, they eventually settled in Newport, Arkansas, when Beau purchased the International Harvester dealership there.  It was there that they raised their three children, Billie Anne, Larry (LBeau) and Mary Katherine.


Eventually, all three children would marry, which would lead to eight grandchildren and seven great grandchildren and counting.

Martha0042Mema Martha with her grandchildren at Pickwick Lake

birthday 171fixedMema with four of her seven great grandchildren 

Most of us, along with extended family and friends (about 50 in all) gathered in Memphis last weekend for a big celebration.  It was a family reunion atmosphere, but Martha ruled the day.

birthday 126fixed

We looked at old pictures, told stories, read family letters and even played games.  And on Saturday night, we toasted the birthday girl who blew out the candles on this beautiful cake, with a little help from Brent, Makayla and David.

Mema - 2011 057

Happy Birthday, Mema.  Here's to many more.

birthday 118fixed


nanny said...

what wonderful pictures....

Happy Birthday Miss Martha! I love your sweet smile.

Sue said...

Oh what a wonderful milestone for your MIL, Kathy! Here's to many more b-days for the grand lady. :-) Sue

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to Martha! Wow, 100! She doesn't look to be 100. What a blessing. My mom will celebrate 97 in October. Wonderful to have these ladies still vibrant at this age. ~ Sarah

Sarah Frost said...

I loved reading about Mrs. Beau and her milestone birthday!!! There must be something in the water in NE Arkansas....my mother just turned 90 and her sister will be 98 next month!!! Both are still loving life...here in Conway!!
Loved all the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Kathy, I love this post. What a perfect tribute to your MIL! Beautiful pictures and a beautiful lady. dianna whitley

Lady Jane said...

Happy Birthday Miss Martha. Whoa, she doesnt look a day over 90... She sure looks spry... God Bless Her...

Malvie said...

Congrats, Miss Martha! I hope you have 100 more!

Lori E said...

I love that even at 100 she is still wearing lipstick. LOL. Oh we women never change do we.
This is an amazing milestone and one that the whole family will remember. Now that is family history.
I am trying to visit every one of my blog followers. Some I am in contact with all the time but others have been MIA and we have lost touch. I want all of my blog buddies to know that I appreciate them.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

How wonderful! Doesn't she look great! Looks like a sweet gathering.