Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's Finished…

decorations 002 Well, mostly it's finished.  My Christmas decorating has been dragging on for two weeks now, and there finally comes a time to call a halt.  The angel that I bought from a local crafter at the Inverness Elementary School craft show about 20 years ago is sitting atop my tree.  For the past several years she was hiding somewhere in that mess that I call an attic, but she resurfaced a few weeks ago.

This new ornament that my sister-in-law Susie gave me…

decorations 003

…has joined some old favorites like this elf that Ben made in first grade.

decorations 006

The 11 stockings that are hanging on my mantel have set the tone for my decorating scheme.  Besides, what says Christmas any better than red, white and green?  The greenery is a combination of artificial and live things.  In fact, the magnolia leaves already need replacing, so I'm sure I'll be raiding my neighbor Susie's yard before too long.

decorations 009

I've put this nativity set that I painted at least 30 years ago on the coffee table so that it will be within easy reach of the grandchildren when the arrive.  If they're like my boys, they'll have lots of fun rearranging all of the pieces.

decorations 011

My small collection of lighted houses is arranged on the buffet.

decorations 055

decorations 057 I don't buy a piece unless it "speaks" to me.  The Beaumont Inn was my first house, an obvious choice.  It was joined by Newport School (LBeau's hometown), Camden General Store (my hometown), Walker's Department Store (my maiden name and my grandson's name) and Claire's Card Shop (my daughter-in-law).  I'm going to have to make room for Lucy's Chocolate Shop, which is on the way.  If anyone knows of something for Katie, Lauren, Brent, Hunter or Ben, please let me know.

These cute vases with a few sprigs of berries and greenery, decorate the dining room table.  I wanted something simple so that we wouldn't have trouble talking to each other when we have our Christmas dinner.

decorations 015

decorations 019 I first saw these vases on the table at my sister's condo in Destin.  When I asked her where she got them so that I could buy some for myself, she shared her secret.  If you look closely, you'll see that they're really Petron tequila bottles.  So she made friends with a bartender who's been saving these for her, and I'm now the proud owner of five of these special vases.  The addition of a few candles gives everything a warm glow.

decorations 044

My three French hens sit proudly on my sideboard (the greenery is real, the berries are not)…

decorations 021

decorations 026 decorations 050 …and this tall vase filled with fresh cranberries and a large white candle adds to the soft glow of candlelight.  Cedar and red berries decorate the chandelier that hangs over my table.

So I guess I'm ready, or as ready as I'm going to get.  Except there are still packages to wrap and Christmas cards to mail.  But hey, I'm making progress.

Pic_for_Body_of_Blog3 But before I do anything else, I'm going to visit Susan at Between Naps on the Porch to see what's going on on Metamorphosis Monday.  You should pay her a visit too.

You also should visit Kellie’s Korner for more Christmas decor at her Christmas Tour of Homes.


Sue said...

Kathy, it all looks wonderful!!! Love magnolia leaves, but they dry out so fast unless you cure them with glycerin. But guess who didn't and had to spray paint them instead? MOI! I think that collecting those houses that have a special correlation to you is brilliant. Are they a specific brand? I know that there are different sizes. I started picking some up at the Goodwill stores but have no clue what they are. I just like them. :-) Well, now that you're done with it all, I hope you enjoy this special season.
Christmas hugs to you, Sue

Louise said...

this looks wonderful! Come decorate my house! It needs some Southern charm :)

Fuller Family said...

I love you still have your angel and haven't gone all fancy with the tree. I love a tree that is a scrapbook of your life!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I've been dragging for two weeks too. Finally decided I am doing less this year. Your decorations look beautiful. I can't get over those bottles, that is one of the most beautiful tables I have seen.
Your mantel looks beautiful too. Have a Merry Christmas.

Katie said...

How exciting! It looks lovely. I will be sure to show Walker the pictures. He has been talking all about going to AL for Christmas. He just recently adopted a small plastic triceratops dino named, "Spike." Spike is now his best friend and is taken every where with us on his little red leash. How does this relate? Well, Walker insisted that we get a stocking for Spike. So, we are bringing Spike's small red and white stocking to AL. Walker wants to hang it next to "his train stocking" of course. :) Is that ok Kbeau? By the way, he wants to wrap a few things for Spike as well. Should be fun. :)

KBeau said...

Of course, Walker can bring Spike's stocking. I'll just put another nail in the board. I got smart this year and made a board to hang the stockings from since I can't put nails in the limestone.

Keetha Broyles said...

I love it all, Kathy!

Hey - - - are your "boys" gonna beat Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl??? Should I predict the Hogs???

Malvie said...

1. The new ornament is perfect.
2. Red and White are the perfect Christmas colors. If you MUST have green, I guess it's ok...
3. Is that the Beaumont Inn For Wayward WebHogs?
4. Decorating suggestion 4 U: You need to get out every Sugar Bowl you have in the house and place them together somewhere decoratively.

Pour Some Sugar on Me!

Joyce said...

I love your decorations...there's a big holiday home blog party happening on Monday. The links are on my blog-Kelly's Korner and The Nesting should add yours too.

I have quite a few Snow Village houses...I didn't even include those because (surprise!) my post was getting long : ) I may do another decorating post closer to Christmas.

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Your Home Looks Beautiful Kathy!! Merry Christmas!!dianna whitley

Sarah Beth said...

Looks good! Addie's stocking at our house is the same as Lucy's is at yours. So fun! Love the decorations.

Leigh Anne said...

everything looks so beautiful! that nativity set is so precious. love how many stockings get to hang on your mantle -- how fun!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Everything looks beautiful Kathy! of course, you had to have that Razorback penant ornament. Your mantel looks so pretty, and I love the 11 stockings hanging in a row. How great that you've been able to find several pieces that have such special meaning for your family. Maybe you should make a brick walkway to put in your village(kind of like UofA) with each person's name on a brick. Your natvity that you painted is so pretty. You are a talented lady. laurie

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Kathy, I must have been visting you at the same time you were visiting me!! So funny! laurie